The Company Short Story

ATC of England is the insider’s studio monitor, demanded by the very top level of the music recording community.  ATC designs and manufactures nearly all their proprietary components, drivers, and electronics in-house to the absolute highest quality standards.  The best of the best rely on ATC monitoring as their main solution for tracking, mixing and mastering.

ATC monitors are something you have to experience to really grasp how different they are from everything else.  Lets just say that you can hear details you’ve never heard before, leading you to faster, more accurate decisions in your creative process.

The models range from $5,000 to $50,000 per pair and all share a very similar sound.  Choose the size that works for your space, SPL and bass output requirements.  Hand made in our factory in England, imported to the US by TransAudio Group Inc., ATC monitors are the last speaker investment you will ever make.


ATC Speaker Line Overview

ATC builds monitors in three basic form factors:  meter bridge near field, stand mount mid field, and soffit mount far field.
For an overview of sizes, specs and features CLICK HERE.


What Makes ATC Different?

For a shorter easy to read document describing the main differences in ATC versus other click HERE.
For a longer, more technical description of ATC Science, click HERE.

Active vs passive?  Read more about the advantages of active loudspeakers HERE.


Who Uses ATC? – (Click Here For A Full List)

Our user list as a who’s who of the recording industry who can buy anything they want but choose ATC.  


ATC Dealers

We have a hand selected group of Dealers throughout the US. You can visit them to hear a personal demo of ATC meter bridge and some stand mount monitors. CLICK HERE for a Dealer referral from TransAudio.


ATC Monitors Products by Series

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