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TransAudio Group Visits The ATC Factory

(March 2018) – TransAudio Group paid a visit to the ATC factory to witness the hand craftsmanship and absolute precision behind making their world-class loudspeakers.  Upon getting the full tour, we were blown away by how much of the production is done by hand with incredible skill. Unlike most other speaker manufacturers sourcing OEM parts from other companies,… Read more »

Transaudio Family of Products Cleans Up At NAMM and Grammys

Wow, 2012 has certainly taken off with a roaring start for the Transaudio family of product lines! At the 2012 NAMM Show in Anaheim we premiered:   The Crane Song Phoenix II AAX plug-in. In Phoenix II, Dave Hill’s decades of engineering and recording experience take the original Phoenix plug-in to a new level and… Read more »

Pulse Width Modulation

By Dave Hill There are many different ways to make a gain control circuit for an analog compressor You can use a; tube, FET transistor, diode bridge, VCA, optical (light dependent resistor) or PWM (pulse with modulator).  All methods have good and bad points about them.  The undesired part of this can range from parts… Read more »

What makes a studio monitor sound great?

By Brad Lunde What makes a studio monitor sound great? Does higher price always mean better sound?  What about the parts used in manufacturing?  Is it the company that made it or the design of the speaker?  Buying a great pair of speakers can be a difficult step when there are so many conflicting ideas… Read more »

Dave Hill Does it Again With “RA” Plugin

RA is a Nonlinear TDM plug-in for the professional Audio Engineers that demand the most from their plug-ins. The plug-in can be thought of as an amplifier that is being over driven, but there is control over what part is being overdriven. The controls in RA are divided into 4 groups: -The first and most… Read more »

Abbey Road, SoundField Microphones and Orchestral Recording

Last month I was at Abbey Road recording a 48 piece orchestra (oh yes, lots of fun!). While Studio One and the music that has been recorded there needs no introduction, the approach to recording an orchestra there might. Studio 1 (as a lot of us know) is a very big room. So much so,… Read more »

Boutique Audio: What does it take to be a successful company?

First off all, what exactly is “Boutique Audio”? Well, I’m glad you asked. (if you did) Boutique Audio is best described as smaller professional audio companies that, at their core, is driven by inventor(s) and/or their vision/products. Their staff can range anywhere from one or two people to 30+ employees. Some companies that fit this… Read more »

Vintage Mics: Let’s Ask Somebody That Knows

Much like vintage microphone preamps, the lore around vintage microphones is a deep and treacherous pit-a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs (thank you Dr. Thompson).  But, in all seriousness, the epidemic of misinformation on this topic has gotten way out of hand.   Add the… Read more »

The Sum of All Parts Equals…What?

There’s a lot of talk these days about audio summing amplifiers. Several companies are making them and for the most part they are being presented as a go between for engineers that want the sound of an analog console without the cost and/or maintenance of the real deal. With most people mixing in or from… Read more »