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In Daking, we have found a manufacturer following in the tradition of the great console manufacturers. Geoff Daking, long a premier name in the recording industry, has used his extensive experience in recording and studio setup to create a line of studio products whose sound quality and workmanship are second to none. Factor in their reasonable cost and Daking’s excellent product support, and you have a value unmatched in the pro audio industry today.

In the late 80s the music business began to change with the advent of MIDI and sequencers. This was the start of home studios and the beginning of the demise of commercial recording studios.¬†As a studio owner, people would come to Geoff Daking for advice on all sorts of subjects. What console to buy..what mics to use…what amps sound best?

At that time, outboard gear as we know it today wasn’t really available. It became clear to him that there would be a growing demand for were really good mic-pres, equalizers, and compressors…


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