Subwoofer Pros is a new brand of subs built to address and solve the following problems:

  1. subs are cheap and loud but too high in distortion
  2. subs are too large to fit into the control room
  3. subs are really designed for a very specific pair of “top” speakers, making them unsuitable for anything else.
  4. subs are actually live sound subs, designed to “throw” low end, not go deep.
  5. subs are missing bass management features for those who work in film and music.
  6. subs are not easily scaleable for those needing higher output levels
  7. subs do not link together for use in multiples around the room for smoothing out room modes


Check out how they do it here


Subwoofer Pros subs are the preferred way to achieve studio grade low end support regardless of monitor brand and are made in the USA.  Choose the Studio Sub 12 for smaller monitors support and the Studio Sub 18 for larger monitors.  Both sound quite similar with the main differences being max SPL output.  A single Studio Sub 18 is noticeably louder than a single Studio Sub 12.  But if space is a problem then multiple Studio Sub 12’s will get you more output and small size.  If massive low end SPL is needed then multiples 18s are easy to implement.  We even offer custom build sub solutions for even larger systems.  Check out Subwoofer Pros at the top pro audio retailers nationwide.


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