Latch Lake was certainly the product of necessity. Its sister company, Brixon Manufacturing was established in 1939 by Tom Roberts, (Jeff’s father). The turning and drilling side of Brixon afforded the ability to develop products and solve problems that other startups and established businesses wouldn’t even think of. With a machine shop in one hand and some music industry necessities in the other Latch Lake was born.


latch lake awards namm 2018

“A microphone stand that works”

In the early 2000’s while tracking piano on a 7 foot Schimmel piano, with a pair of AKG 414s mounted over the hammers, the artist stopped playing to ask Jeff if the microphones were supposed to be laying on the harp. A most embarrassing situation. Jeff Roberts knew that the boom clutches on the AKG (K&M) stands he was using were just ¼ turn from snapping. He also knew that it could be done better, yet the industry had nothing that was better. So he went to the machine shop and 15 months later the micKing® microphone stand was born.

The micKing® 3300 debuted as the best mic stand available for under $1,000.00. It redefined what a serious boom was capable of, and reinvented many aspects of how they operate.

Today the micKing has evolved into a full product line with accessories, straight stands, boom stands and even tablet mounts. All with one thing in common: “The world’s best.”

Check back often for great new products that just may solve that problem you’ve been trying to solve for decades!



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