What is TransAudio Group?

TransAudio Group is a collective personal statement of our staff that “business” does not have to be selfish to be successful. It can be about serving others. Business in its very best form exists to serve only, to contribute something, way beyond the product it sells. TransAudio Group is our vehicle to accomplish that “something more”. Therefore, we know that TransAudio Group must help you in a real way and do so ethically in order to achieve its real purpose.

How is TransAudio Group different?

Cheaper isn’t always better

Unfortunately, today’s scale of business forces most companies to serve huge numbers of customers. Huge financial rewards are available for those who seek to build and sell “cheaper” things. So for working professionals, users who depend on their gear to earn their keep, cheaper is definitely not better. Better sound is their way to maintain their edge, and their advantage.

The right tool saves money in the long run

These clients want someone who can understand their unique and personal application and to help evaluate possible investments in new gear within their context. These clients realize the “right buy” is the lowest cost “buy” over time. TransAudio has organized its business to serve these few and do it very well. If we do our job and find unique items that are of real value, you will know it when you hear it. Our business is not about twisting the truth, it’s about telling it.

Experience matters

We combine a unique array of work experiences. All our employees are ex-musicians and most of us have been a dealer and a rep with personal experience in probably a hundred audio companies over 25+ years. From musician to Tascam Rep; General Manager of a large music store to Government Services; National Sales Manager [JBL Pro] to Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing [Aphex]. We’ve been involved in the complete pro audio industry both big and small.

We are therefore in a unique position to evaluate a broad range of values about a product and the company behind it. This inner information is invaluable in selecting the genuine best available for our product mix. This value is then passed on to our clients, who regularly discover that all the experience and selective product/company evaluations have a direct result on the quality of the sound they get.

TransAudio Company History

In July of 1996

I founded Lunde Consulting, an outsource marketing and sales consultant to the manufacturing community. We did some interesting projects, from market research for Yamaha to product research for Fostex to strategic planning for Electro Voice.

In May of 1997

Julia was born, and suddenly the glamorous world of consulting lost its sheen every time I had to get on an airplane and leave home. I wanted to find a way to stay home and still earn a living.

In July 1997

We started TransAudio Group out of our home in Thousand Oaks California. It began when Drawmer and SoundField (both UK family run manufacturers) hired Lunde Consulting in May of that year to find them a US distributor. We couldn’t find the right one for them. Ken of Drawmer convinced us to become the distributors ourselves. He said he wanted to help create something new instead of just hire some unknown company. He took a big chance on us-all we had was a telephone, a fax machine, a computer and a belief that we “could do it”. We owe him our existence and find it a testament to the ideal that there are still great people out there doing great things in business.

In October of 1999

Stephanie was born and the home office idea went out the window over night. I rented an office the next day.

In September of 2000

We moved to Las Vegas, as grandma and grandpa lived there and Janis and I needed help with the kids to devote sufficient time to the business. Not being daycare types, grandma and grandpa sounded real good to us!

In October of 2000

We hired Richard Bowman as Sales Manager. We moved him up from Miami Florida, where he worked for Mars. Richard and I knew each other through mutual friends, and he came to us through our search for a key person who valued ethics highly. We hired the right guy, and he has been invaluable to our customers, Janis and I. If you call the office, he will most likely answer the phone.

In November of 2003

We hired Todd Peterson to help with the marketing, operations and information flow. We had added several lines: ATC, Daking, GML, Soundelux, etc… and also planned on making a bigger presence for our direct sales lines. Todd added that extra person with experience in music, the music industry, and in streamlining infrastructure to handle the needs of a growing company.

In January 2005

We founded Las Vegas Pro Audio as a product launch vehicle. As TransAudio Group focuses its full attention to growing existing products, Las Vegas Pro Audio can focus on breaking and establishing new products. In other words, Las Vegas Pro Audio’s mission is to pioneer new brands to the US, to build sales support from the ground up for the products of tomorrow. Since 2005, Las Vegas Pro Audio has successfully launched several brands including A Designs and ATC, which are now fully supported by TransAudio Group’s US Dealers.

In September 2014

We hired Zach Winterfeld, our first dedicated field rep. Based in Southern California, Zach has proved invaluable as our representative to the busy studio market in the Los Angeles area, and interfacing with dealers and customers throughout the West.

In June 2016

We further expanded our field representation by hiring David Seal out of Chicago. David services our large customers in the East, including Detroit, Nashville, Fort Wayne, and New York. We couldn’t do it without him.

In November 2017

We hired Aleks Bars to takeover trade shows, marketing and social media. Our presence in social media has grown, and you can always check out the latest studio pictures of our equipment on Facebook and Instagram!