The SCM50ASL Pro is an active 3-way monitor system suitable for reference monitoring in medium sized rooms, with a 234mm Super Linear bass driver, ATC’s own dual suspension tweeter, and ATC’s unique SM75-150S mid range soft dome driver.

The active design ensures optimum matching of six MOS-FET amp blocks to the drivers, providing plenty of transient headroom and maximum SPLs of up to 112dB.

An LF contour control provides five bass boost settings, and a flat reference response.


Technical Documents:

Remote Amplifier Tech Note

Dual Amp Pack Remote Hardware


Max Continuous SPL: 112dB
ATC custom built Tri-Power amp: 1@200W/1@100W/1@50W per speaker
Crossovers: 380Hz, 3.5kHz; 4th order; active, internal
Low: Single 9.2" ATC custom built SL driver
Mid: Single 3" ATC custom SL dome, wave guide loaded
Hi: Single 1" dome tweeter, wave guide loaded
Tweeter movable for horizontal mounting
Cabinet: Wood/ Black Ash
Actual H/W/D in inches: 28.2/13.8/18.8
Actual Weight: 107.8lbs
Shipping Weight 125lbs in carton
Shipping dims: 48"x27"x20"
(Speaker stand not included)