Subwoofer Pros is a new brand of subs built to address and solve the following problems:

  1. Subs are cheap and loud but too high in distortion
  2. Subs are to large to fit into the control room
  3. Subs are really designed for a very specific pair of “top” speakers, making them unsuitable for anything else.
  4. Subs are actually live sound subs, designed to “throw” low end, not go deep.
  5. Subs are missing bass management features for those who work in film and music.
  6. Subs are not easily scaleable for those needing higher output levels
  7. Subs do not link together for use in multiples around the room for smoothing out room modes


Subwoofer Pros offers a “best in class” solution to the problems outlined above.

  1. Our subs are not built cheap.  They are all US sourced parts and US manufactured, built to survive in the studio for a long period of time.  They play loud without distortion: a single Studio Sub 12 offers up to 108dB SPL max at 1 meter; our single Studio Sub 18 offers 114dB SPL max at 1 meter.   Suggested demo: listen to subs without the top speaker, listen to the sub alone, at a variety of output levels.
  2. Subwoofer Pros Subs are small: the Studio Sub 12 is only 15 inches high, 18 inches wide and 16 inches deep.  All electronics and amps are built in to the back of the sub.   A single 12 can fit on stand below your 2-way if desired.
  3. Subwoofer Pros Subs are not designed to mate with only one specific speaker, they are designed to mate with any monitor on your meter bridge.  Both the  Studio Sub 12 and Studio Sub 18 have a 60/95Hz LF Cutoff switch.  The 12 is ideal for meter bridge type speakers and the 18 for larger mid and far field monitors.  Tone quality of the two is almost identical, the 18 does not go lower, just louder.
  4. Our subs go deep, all the way to 8Hz!  Since they are front loaded, they offer more placement options, 2.1 floor systems to “a sub for each monitor”  stand mount multichannel system.
  5. Our subs offer three input options: standard input,  LFE or 5 channels of Bass Management on board with built in 95Hz HP filter.  The electronics pack on the back of the sub is fully analog, designed with features that don’t confuse or get a second engineer in trouble.
  6. Our subs offer lots of input/output options: a “main” standard XLR input with a level control, an “LFE” input with its own level control, and 5 input/output channels of analog Bass Management on board with a built in 95Hz High pass filter.  One can use any or all of the 5 channels of bass management as primary inputs. The electronics pack on the back of the sub is fully analog, designed with features that don’t confuse or get you in trouble.
  7. Our Studio Subs have a “slave” output, which enables you to add a special Subwoofer Pros Studio Slave (12 or 18) without having to repeat any settings on the main. The Slave is a special model without any processing, taking all of its direction from the main sub. There is a “slave output” to use for this purpose. This is a nice feature for you can easily daisy chain slaves to a main without having to set anything but the main sub. Each time you double of the sub count, you add 3dB SPL so add one slave to the main and you increase SPL 3dB; double this to 4 for another 3 dB SPL and so on. This makes the Subwoofer Pros sub easily scaleable while preserving both size and sonic character and simplifying wiring and control.


Subwoofer Pros subs are the preferred way to achieve studio grade low end support regardless of monitor brand.  Choose the Studio Sub 12 for smaller monitors support and the Studio Sub 18 for larger monitors.  Both sound quite similar with the main differences being max SPL output.  A single Studio Sub 18 is noticeably louder than a single Studio Sub 12.  But if space is a problem then multiple Studio Sub 12’s will get you more output and small size.  If massive low end SPL is needed then multiples 18s are easy to implement.  We even offer custom build sub solutions for even larger systems.  Check out the Subwoofer Pros sub at the top pro audio retailers nationwide.


Brad Lunde

Subwoofer Pros Owner