Sound Anchor ADJ2 Stands are designed to make proper speaker placement possible. When monitors are positioned properly on rigid stable platforms they work better and the sound is enhanced. The entire sound field has more clarity, tones are more accurate, dynamic contrasts are greater and subtle anomalies in the mix are more apparent. The ADJ1 is great for most speakers but for any application where the speaker is too large for the ADJ1 stand but is not quite large enough to require the Sound Anchor ADMID stand, the ADJ2 is the best stand. The ADJ2 is ideally suited to the new breed of midsized super monitors that have recently become popular in studios.  

The ADJ2 stand features the same exact look as the ADJ1. The main difference between them is the dimensions of the base. The base of the ADJ2 stand is 17″ X 23″. This stand works best for speakers that have a width no wider than 24 inches and a depth no greater than 18 inches. Smaller speakers will also work on the ADJ2s. The common solutions for speaker support (shelves, flimsy wall mounts and meter bridges) are not good solutions. They do not isolate your monitors from your electronics, your monitors from each other or your monitors from the structure. Along with these three drawbacks they seldom position your monitors exactly where they need to be for best sound. Sound Anchor stands address and eliminate these three drawbacks. 

The Sound Anchors ADJ2 stands allow the engineer to correctly place a pair of monitors behind his console. These stands allow height and tilt adjustment of the monitors. The 14”x 17” base and the upright are filled and damped from the factory. ADJ2 stands offer a very solid, stable and non-resonant support for your speakers. The speaker platform is made of ¼” aluminum which reduces the amount of energy that gets transferred into the stand. The Sound Anchor ADJ2 stands isolate the speakers from the console, each other and the floor which gives you a cleaner, more detailed and more accurate sound. 

Sound Anchor ADJ2 stands are ideal for: 

  1. Music control rooms. 
  1. Surround sound monitoring.  
  1. CD mastering.  
  1. Radio and television broadcasting studios. 
  1. Film post production. 
  1. Video game production. 
  1. Online audio production. 


Heights: The ADJ2 is available with 44″ or 56″ uprights as standards. Special heights are available as options. 

Speaker Platform Sizes:  12″ X 16″ (default size) or any ADJ1 size. Custom sized platforms are available as a cost + option. 

Filling: The uprights each have a pvc pipe filled sand and capped, that pipe is slid into each upright, and then expanding foam is used to fill any voids (between the pvc pipe and metal).  The only speaker stands that aren’t filled are the ADMID’s due to shipping weight issues (but customers are able to fill them with sand once purchased).


Sound Anchor ADJ2 Adjustable Speaker Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of large section square steel tubing and aluminum plate. Our structural grade welded construction makes them rigid and stable. They are spiked at the floor to anchor your monitors in space. Special sorbathane pads are provided for use between the speaker and stand. Sound Anchors ADJ2 stands are pre-filled using our proprietary materials and methods to eliminate resonance and add mass. These features give Sound Anchors the highest level of professional performance and Sound Anchor Adjustable Stands are found in many of the world’s leading studios. Sound Anchor ADJ3 Monitor Stands are cost effective tools for your high performance recording studio. 


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