MC-3+ Smart Clock


Similar to the MC-3+ USB, minus USB connectivity, the MC-3+ Smart Clock has been developed to significantly improve the playback of digital audio in two ways: At first by clocking devices with extremely low jitter Word Clock signals and secondly by aggressively re-clocking incoming digital audio signals.  One of the end goals in accurate digital audio playback is reproducing each sample in the audio stream accurately, or “in-time”, as each sample is played.  Any variance in the timing between samples results in phase noise and jitter creating distortion in the signal, degrading audio quality and overall imaging.

Clock Generation

The MC-3+ uses a combination of MUTEC’s 1G-Clock technology and proprietary re-clocking algorithms to reproduce the audio stream as accurately as possible, resulting in improved sonic accuracy, detail, and imaging.  In addition, the MC-3+ incorporates ultra-low noise power supplies and isolated components within the circuit to reduce unwanted noise to an unprecedented low level.

Clock Distribution

While a standalone clock generator, the MC-3+ can also act as a clock distributor improving the level of sound reproduction in your entire audio system.  It is also possible to lock the system to higher clock references such as the MUTEC REF 10 where even higher performance may be required.  Additionally, the MC-3+ features anytime fail-safe clock generation for reliability during live events, recordings, and playback.



  • Incorporates MUTEC’s unique 1G-Clock Technology for lowest jitter possible
  • Improves audiophile quality of any connected digital audio device
  • Re-clocks digital audio most aggressively
  • Raises clearly audible the sound quality of any DA converter
  • Eliminates digital “Clicks and Pops”
  • Enhances existing master clocks
  • Digitally-compensated clock accuracy for highest precision of the generated clocks
  • Locks to 10 MHz clock signals of so-called Atomic clocks or GPS receivers
  • Outputs clock signals fail-safe in any state of operation
  • Generates Word Clocks, Super Clocks, AES3 + S/P-DIF blanks simultaneously
  • Converts between AES3 and S/P-DIF as well as between AES11 and Word Clock
  • Generates Word Clocks up to 768.0 kHz
  • New-designed, simple user interface
  • Front panel lock-out for preventing misuse
  • Rack-space-saving 9.5″ housing
  • Built-in, international power supply


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