What is a “Balanced Power” conditioner?


Just as in balanced audio, interference and noise “ride” on an unbalanced signal. The Equitech idea is to balance
your power in a similar fashion as balanced audio to prevent noise from infiltrating your power and decreasing the audio quality. By splitting the signal into two legs and inverting phase of one, we can reassemble, isolate and
eliminate what is not signal, thereby improving the signal to noise and improving your audio.


How does an Equi=tech conditioner work?


Equitech uses a very large, specially designed Equitech transformer to split 120v into one 60v leg and one phase
inverted 60v leg. These two legs are then reassembled without artifacts on special outlets on the back of the unit.
This by nature creates Common Mode Rejection (CMMR) and cancels the differences between legs such as noise,
hums, ground loops and other unwanted distortions and artifacts. Plug your components in just as before, but
now they get 100% of their power from the Equitech, offering a cleaner, pure 60Hz sine wave power. You will most likely hear a full range of improvements in your audio system, from better dynamics to improved stereo imaging.


What makes Equi=tech different?


The Equitech process for improving power is different compared to all other power conditioners, surge protectors
or filters. Most conditioners use filtering to reduce noise (which chokes and prevents transients), but filtering is the same as EQ in audio, its only reduces some noise, it doesn’t prevent it. And like EQ, filtering itself has artifacts
that affect audio quality. Equitech Balanced Power system focuses on prevention rather than repair.


How do I use it?


Simply plug the Equitech unit into a 15A or 20A circuit using the supplied 15A or 20A cord. The Equitech Balanced Power system does its work silently, without any kind of electronic processing, by isolating anything that it isn’t a clean 60Hz sine wave.


Choosing the right Equi=tech


There are different sizes of Equitech Balanced Power Products. We have two 120 v rack options based on the 2R (entry level transformer) and the 2RQ ( Upgraded high performance, low impedance transformer) Also, knowing how many “circuits” you have in your studio (how many dedicated 15A or 20A breakers apply to outlets in that room). You will need one Equitech for each circuit. For example, a Equitech 2RQ with a 15A input cord needs to limit its total suppled power to under 15 amps. Most single room studios are good with one Equitech 2R or 2RQ with a 15A input cable.


2RQ Data Sheet PDF


Load Capacity 2kVa
Input Line Frequency 20A 120V 60Hz
Line Cord Plug Chassis NEMA 5-20/C20*
Output Voltage 120/60V
Circuit Breakers 1-20A
# Outlets Type 5 15A Duplex Receptacles + 1 20A (12 Outlets)
Chassis Dimensions 16 x 16 x 3.5
Weight 71.4lbs / 32.4kg