The SCM100ASL Pro is an active 3-way monitor system suitable for larger rooms, based around the same tweeter, midrange and amp configuration as the SCM50ASL Pro, but using a 314mm bass driver in a larger enclosure.

Maximum continuous SPLs of up to 115dB/1m are possible. 4th order active crossovers produce a highly linear amplitude response for both direct and ambient fields, contributing to exceptional stereo imaging.

The active design ensures optimum matching of six MOS-FET amp blocks to the drivers, providing plenty of transient headroom and maximum SPLs of up to 112dB.

An LF contour control provides five bass boost settings, and a flat reference response.

“I produced Sky Farm, mixed three films and a number of commercials all on the ATCs and everything has translated beautifully. So my confidence level is extremely high! With the 100s I find the imaging is breathtaking. The soundfield is so defined and exactly the way it is on the sound stage. I also find the ‘sweet spot’ is wide both vertically and horizontally making it great for my clients and artists to also enjoy the sound equally over a fairly wide area. These speakers somehow maintain the same relationship between low, mid and high frequencies at all volumes better than any speaker I’ve worked on. If I was mixing a record, the vocal sound, characteristic and position in the mix stays exactly the same – dead on from quiet to earthshaking room volumes.”
Steve Kempster


Technical Documents:

Remote Amplifier Tech Note

Dual Amp Pack Remote Hardware


Max Continuous SPL: 115dB
ATC custom built internal amplifiers
Crossovers: 380Hz, 3.5kHz; 4th order; active, internal
Low: Single 12.4" ATC custom built SL driver
Mid: Single 3" ATC custom SL dome, wave guide loaded
Hi: Single 1" dome tweeter, wave guide loaded
Tweeter movable for horizontal mounting
Wood/ Black Ash cabinet
Actual H/W/D in inches: 32.8/15.7/22.9
Actual Weight: 122lbs
Shipping dims: 42"x29"x24"
(Speaker stand not included)