Daking Audio is a pet project by Geoff Daking, a member of Blues Magoos from the 60s and studio owner from the 80s with years of experience on Neve ®, API ® and Trident ®.   All our products are based on a philosophy of “Keep it Simple” so we avoid overly elaborate features that are not necessary.  The Daking motto is “Get Home Early!” so the features we do have must serve to make the job of tracking or mixing easier, quicker and enable you to get the job done faster.


Sonics are ultra-important to Daking.  We take a different approach in that we want maximum headroom, minimal distortion and less coloration so sources sound like they actually sound.

Discrete High Gain

We use high gain designs so that you can use any mic you want, including super low output vintage ribbon mics or dynamics.  We use discrete amplifiers so all parts and values can be optimized and the audio path can be very short. Most modern preamps use integrated circuits (IC’S) – little plastic squares with hundreds of transistors in them. (One integrated circuit may contain more transistors than an entire channel of a classic discrete console).  Discrete amplifiers typically run at much higher voltages and deliver more current than IC’s so they can have much greater headroom.

Class A Circuits  

You hear a lot about Class A circuits these days. Without a long technical discussion, the advantage of Class A circuits is the elimination of crossover distortion. Engineers widely agree that Class A amplifiers just sound better.

Electronic balancing vs Transformers    

Most first-class mic pre-amps use input and output transformers. Transformers afford the best interface between a microphone and a pre-amp because it correctly matches the microphone, provides quiet gain and gives the best common mode rejection and ground isolation of any connection scheme. They are usually the most expensive components in an audio device.  We use Jensen US made transformers in most of our devices.  We electronically balance some of our preamps instead of transformers because otherwise the price would be much higher.   We have found that THAT® Corporation builds the best electronic balancing output device we know of so that is what we use when a transformer is too expensive to apply.

Economy vs Quality

It is clear that many of the audio improvements of the last 20 years were vapor, just changes disguised as improvements so that equipment could be made cheaper.  The “overseas invasion” of electronics manufacturing has affected nearly all industries including professional audio.    Daking remains built in the USA to maintain performance and quality of sound.  Unfortunately many buy what’s cheaper, and that’s not us.  We seem to appeal to the people who have experience behind the desk and know what sounds good.

Customer Service

Our customer service is unparalleled because we like to treat each and every customer as our top priority.  Our main sales office is TransAudio Group in Las Vegas and all the Daking new inventory is shipped from there.  Brad and Richard are the main people to talk to there.  All the QC and service is done at TransAudio by Tony Marra on site in Las Vegas.  Many technical problems are confusing, so it’s also nice to know you can reach us by phone or email.   Geoff Daking is often available himself to answer technical questions and solve problems.

TransAudio: 702-365-5155   Email:  Service:

“…. Over the last few years I’ve used Daking mic pres and compressors on recording for artists such as Carole King, Tracy Bonham, Jane Siberry, Hanson, Michelle Branch, Rufus Wainright, Cafe Tacuba, Julieta Venegas, Juanes and many others…” –Joe Chiccarelli

“If you’re looking for that vintage sound of a Trident A Range, and you want to add warmth to the digital recording chain, look no further: the Daking mic preamps add a distinctive sonic character that really make your recordings come alive!” –Butch Vig

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