MC-2 AES3 & AES11 Distribution Amp and Converter


The MC-2 is a high performance digital signal and clock distribution amplifier and format converter for AES/EBU and AES/EBUid sources.




  • AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID interfaces in one box
  • Converts from AES3 to AES11
  • Supports all audio-related clock rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz
  • Detects and monitors all studio sampling rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz
  • All interfaces meet the specifications of the according AES + AES ID standards
  • Signal improvement by low-jitter PLLs
  • Input lock detection
  • Simple user interface
  • Built-in international power supply
  • Made in Berlin, Germany


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AES/EBU Input: 1 x XLR female, transformer balanced, input impedance 110Ω, 200mV–7.0V
AES/EBU Outputs 1-6: 6 x XLR male, transformer balanced, 3.5Vpp @ 110Ω, output impedance 110Ω, buffered
AES/EBUid Input: 1 x BNC female, unbalanced, input impedance 75Ω, 200mV–7.0V
AES/EBUid Outputs 1+2: 2 x BNC female, unbalanced, 1.0/3.0Vpp @ 75Ω, output impedance 75Ω, buffered
Power Supply: Internal, switching
Input Voltage: 90V-260V (auto switching)
Power Consumption: Max. 10.W
Dimensions (H x W x D): 42 x 196 x 156mm / 17 x 7.7 x 6.1in (without connectors)
Weight: 1.2kg / 2.7lbs