hakan pop killer p110-1 mount

Håkan P110-1 Pop Killer


The P110-1 features a larger 1″ mounting clamp for larger diameter stands such as Latch Lake.


The Håkan P110-1 Pop Killer from Swedish microphone specialist mikrofonen.se is a very special pop filter that is specifically designed to effectively prevent plosives (pops) and, at the same time, to eliminate the audible coloration that other pop filters often display.

It is extremely effective in killing pops without compromising the frequency response and character of the microphone.

The foam used in the P110-1 was carefully researched to maximize pop protection and minimize coloration – the specially selected foam is “hydrophobic”; this means that it will not absorb water. So moisture from the breath will not be absorbed by the foam and therefore does not stay on the filter to distort and color the sound. It is also easy to clean or replace the foam used in the pop filter.

Most pop filters are known to color the sound. Measurements made by mikrofonen.se in Sweden have proven this.The coloration is clearly audible (red curve on the graph).With the Håkan P110-1 Pop Killer (blue curve) there is no coloration.

“To my ears the P110 is completely transparent and brilliantly effective … it sounds more transparent than all of them and is far better engineered than most.  If you are in need of a pop screen – and who isn’t? – I can’t recommend the Håkan P110 highly enough”
Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound, February 2014

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