MC2.1 Monitor Controller



TEC2014_NomineeLogosmallIt is imperative that what you record is exactly what you hear – this is the philosophy that is at the heart of the design of the MC2.1 Monitor Controller. The MC2.1 combines the complexity of a host of mix checking features with the clarity, fidelity and transparency of the highest quality monitoring circuit. It is versatile, and intuitive, but above all, where the Drawmer MC2.1 excels is in it’s accuracy and ability to faithfully reproduce what has been recorded. Add to this multiple inputs and outputs,including dedicated mono output, speaker level matching, two headphone amplifiers, mix checking controls, plus talkback, and the result is an engineers tool that your hearing can trust.


The MC2.1 Features:

  • 3 stereo balanced speaker outputs on XLRs, plus a dedicated mono speaker/sub-woofer output. All have individual left & right trims under the unit to provide complete control over level matching.
  • Timed relay protection on all speaker outputs to prevent power up/down bangs.
  • Comprehensive mix checking facilities including Mono, Dim, Mute, plus Left/Right Cut, and Phase Reverse
  • Paralleled custom quad pots on main and headphone level controls for excellent channel matching and smooth feel.
  • Four inputs including balanced Neutrik XLR, balanced Neutrik XLRlJACK COMBI, and shared aux phono or 3.5mm jack.
  • Two headphone amplifiers with individual level controls.
  • Built in talk back microphone with level control, mono output jack and internal headphone routing.
  • L/R Crosstalk <85dB
  • Adjacent input Crosstalk 95dB
  • THD+Noise at unity gain and 0dB input 0.0013%
  • Dynamic Range at unity gain 119dB
  • Frequency responce 20Hz to 40kHz ±0.2dB
  • Rugged steel chassis and stylish brushed aluminum cover.
  • Dimensions: L 250mm x W 210mm x H 82mm. Weight: 2.5kg.
  • Designed and manufactured @ Drawmer U.K.

Optional MCB Rack Mount kit now available!