M-Clock Lite


In digital audio you must use a quality master clock for your digital audio workstation or you’re not hearing what your mix really sounds like. Whether it’s a Pro Tools HD system with 48 channels of I/O or a two channel native based system, a good external master clock sounds far better than a system that’s clocking internally. For many users, a master clock will make a much larger difference in the sound than they realize.

The Drawmer M-Clock Lite is a perfect solution for audio based systems. The Drawmer is a full-on pro audio clock without a bunch of extra stuff you don’t need. Offering a total of 10 BNC outputs, it can handle some of the most complex audio production facilities. This Drawmer Clock can keep an entire rack of digital devices in sync, in time and sounding their best.

Hear the difference!

The M Clock Lite is the best value in Master Clocks you can buy.


In addition to 10 BNC Clock outputs, the M-Clock Lite features:

  • Supports sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8 and 384kHz.
  • Extraordinarily low jitter for improved sound quality compared to internal clocks.
  • Follows the AES Grade 1 clock specification. This is the highest regarded spec known for superior clock performance.
  • 2 Clock outputs are on the front panel so it’s not necessary to get to the back of the rack for portable digital devices that come in and out of the studio.
  • Features a clock input allowing users to select an outside clock source without having to re-route cables.