Mastering Compressor

Following the renowned Mastering Limiter and Mastering Equalizer, Bettermaker has expanded the line with the Mastering Compressor.  As with all Bettermaker hardware you get the best of both worlds:  the signal path is 100% analog with top quality components and parameters are controlled digitally via front panel touchscreen/controls or remotely with a free DAW plug-in.


Multiple compression flavors

The Mastering Compressor features an advanced analog VCA compressor with stereo, dual-mono and M/S operation modes, complete with solo and sidechain preview functions.  It also includes 3 unique compression modes: BM (Bettermaker), SG (SSL-type), and DX (DBX-type).  The BM mode offers the most gentle but very versatile compression that works for the widest range of settings.  The SG and DX modes offer compression types in line with the classics they have been inspired by.



Versatile control

The Mastering Compressor is loaded with options including stereo, dual-mono, and M/S modes for all types of mixing and mastering applications.  It also includes a dry/wet control for parallel compression and the sidechain features a HPF, LPF, and fully configurable parametric filter with the option of using a hardware insert.  For those looking to add some flavor to the signal, the Mastering Compressor can also add color with adjustable drive and THD function to add harmonic saturation.  The range setting limits the max amount of gain reduction.  If you are tracking a vocalist and want compression but don’t want to overdo it, you can set the range to limit the amount of compression.  All your settings can also be saved and recalled on-board or within your DAW.  Fire up your session and pick up right where you left off!



  • Advanced analog VCA compressor with PEAK or RMS detection and switchable forward/backward feed
  • All parameters are digitally controlled via front panel and/or DAW with dedicated plugin
  • Stereo, dual-mono, and M/S operation modes with solo and sidechain preview function
  • Famed Bettermaker BM, SG, and DX compression modes
  • Adjustable 15-30Hz low pass filter at the input
  • Dry/wet mix control for parallel compression
  • HPF, LPF and fully configurable parametric filter in sidechain with option of hardware insert
  • Adjustable drive (for odd/even clipper) and THD function for harmonically rich sound
  • Range Setting – limit the max amount of gain reduction
  • On-board PEAK/RMS measurement of input/output levels
  • 100% analog audio signal path
  • Total recall and A/B comparison
  • 5″ capacitive touchscreen with backlight
  • 2U enclosure
  • USB connectivity with MAC/PC (control only)
  • Made in Poland


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Frequency Response: 10Hz to 22kHz (+/- 0.2 dB)
Dynamic Range (engaged): 106dB (+23dBu, 22kHz BW)
CMRR: Max 85 dB @ 3 kHz, Min 52 dB @ 20Hz, 20 kHz BW
Balanced Stereo XLR Input: 23dBu max input level (THD < 0.2%)
Balanced Stereo XLR Output: 23dBu max output level (THD < 0.2%)
Input Impedance (differential): 48kΩ (for balanced signal)
Output Impedance: 50Ω + 50Ω (electronically balanced)
S/N ratio: 87dB (A-weighted, +4dBu, 22kHz BW, unity gain)
Crosstalk: -83dB @ 1kHz, +18dBu, channel-to-channel
THD: 2nd: < 0.06%, 3rd: < 0.01%; 4th: < 0.006%; (+4 dBu, 20-20 kHz, unity gain, THD and CLIP disabled)
Dimensions: 2U enclosure, 230mm / 9.05" deep
Power Supply: Universal 100 - 240V designed by Bettermaker
Max Power Consumption: 25W
Shipping Weight: 5.5kg / 12.13lbs