LAS VEGAS NV:  TransAudio Group, US distributor of Geoff Daking’s beautiful-sounding analog processors and other high-end professional recording equipment, is pleased to announce the release of the Daking Comp IIT. The release follows closely on the heels of the Daking Comp II, a design collaboration between Geoff and Dave Thibodeau that delivers magically-musical results with a refreshingly stripped-down parameter set. A simple continuous threshold knob paired with two-position attack (fast/slow), release (fast/auto), and ratio (compress/limit) buttons makes it fast and easy for both novices and professionals to get fantastic results on a huge range of input sources. The Daking Comp IIT takes the same fundamental design and adds Jensen transformers at the inputs and the outputs, which can be used in dual mono or stereo modes. Like the Daking gear they’re being installed in, Jensen transformers are manufactured in the USA.



“Of course, Jensen transformers are legendary in the professional audio industry for their flat frequency response, detail, and analog soul,” said Brad Lunde, Founder and President of TransAudio Group. “With precision Jensen transformers at the inputs and outputs, the Daking Comp IIT benefits from lower distortion and a subtle coloration that many users will find attractive. In stereo mode, the Jensens provide the analog ‘glue’ that really makes a mix come to life with dimensionality and depth.”


In addition to the parameters described above, the Daking Comp II and Comp IIT include bypass, VU meters with output/compression modes, and continuous make-up gain (with a maximum set to 11 for those occasions when 10 just isn’t loud enough!). Inputs are XLR and outputs are XLR or 1/4inch TRS, and the chassis is all-metal construction. Commensurate with today’s higher sample rates, the Comp II and Comp IIT deliver flat frequency response between 20Hz and 65kHz.


*For end users that have an original Comp II and want to add transformers, please contact our service department HERE.