VANCOUVER ISLAND – MARCH 2023: Over the last forty years, award-winning, prolific producer Michael Beinhorn delivered legendary recordings with remarkable style, intrapersonal skills, and equipment selection to capture his singular performance artistry. All Beinhorn’s multi-genre productions are driven by his hell-bent creativity. The recording industry is full of anecdotes regarding his deft handling of superstar acts with notorious reputations and his ability to ‘stay on course’. In the 90s, he was Grammy-nominated for “Producer of the Year” for Hole’s Celebrity Skin and Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals. His work with the Red-Hot Chili Peppers is legendary, turning them from a relatively unknown rock group into chart-topping international recording stars. Beinhorn produced Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock album including the hip-hop seminal single “Rockit”. In 2004, he was nominated again for a Grammy Award for Fuel’s album Natural Selection. And topping off 2022, his work helped Weezer achieve a Grammy Nomination for Best Rock Song, “All My Favorite Songs”. Additionally, Beinhorn produced some of the top names over the years – Korn, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Hole, Ozzy Osbourne, The Blizzards, Soul Asylum, The Verve Pipe and many more.


And today, what is Beinhorn up to? Not surprisingly, an entirely new creative production process – handled remotely. He envisioned this new concept prior to the Covid epidemic, and it fully blossomed in 2022 with the purchase of ATC’s SCM20 monitors paired with stands from Sound Anchors. Beinhorn is ahead of the curve with this new Remote Production Processing concept from his home in Vancouver Island, Canada. The playback system is mainly hi-fi with the ATC SMC20s delivering fatigue-free listening.


When asked what he knew about ATC monitors, Beinhorn replied, “Years ago, an old friend had a pair of ATC SCM150s, and I remember their staggering mid-range presence. I started thinking ATCs would bridge the gap between hi-fi speakers and pro audio studio monitors.”



Beinhorn consulted with Brad Lunde, president, and founder of TransAudio Group about purchasing ATCs. Initially, he wanted ATC SCM50s yet after some conversation Lunde recommended that the SCM20s would be a better fit, as they were more analytical. For solid speaker placement Lunde suggested ADJ1 Sound Anchors stands for stability and reliability. Taking a leap of faith, Beinhorn called Vintage King, purchased the SCM20s and the ADJ1 Sound Anchor’s stands relying solely on Lunde’s impeccable consulting reputation. The two-way ATC SCM20 is designed for smaller rooms where performance cannot be comprised. These monitors are a popular choice with top engineers due to their two-way design in an infinite baffle enclosure. Uniquely, the bass/mid driver features a large, soft dome center section for smooth and accurate mid range performance.


“I believe my role as a producer needs to evolve with the times,” Noted Beinhorn. “What worked forty years ago is obsolete. Working remotely gives the pre-production process stability and connections that are rarely available in costly studio setup. While I’m critically listening over and over to a piece of music, I begin to emotionally connect to what the artist is trying to convey. I’m not looking at it qualitatively, I’m analyzing how to improve it structurally. It’s an intriguing process. One that needs creativity, perseverance, and – not an easy concept but it’s mine.”


“Once I began talking to Michael,” commented Brad Lunde, owner, and founder of TransAudio Group, “I knew the ATC SCM20s were perfect for the critical and fatigue-free listening necessary for his remote recording process. He immediately understood and moved forward with Vintage King for the purchase. All of us at TransAudio are excited by this new remote production process and know Beinhorn is the right person to make it work.”


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Michael Beinhorn: