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Some ATC Owners:

Ed Cherney
Tom Petty
Lenny Kravitz
T Bone Burnett
Pink Floyd
Ryan Tedder
Jack White
Roger Waters
Paul Hager
Bruce Swedien
George Massenburg
Chuck Ainlay
Mark Needham
Michael Piersante
Rick Springfield
John Rodd
Niko Bolas
Peter Stengaard
Rafa Sardina
Steve Perry
Ziggy Marley
Nathaniel Kunkel
Big Kenny Alphin
Ryan Ulate
Chas Sanford
Ryan Freeland
Byron Galimore
Chris Lindsey
Reid Shippen
Michael Fuller
Lyle Workman
Glen Ballard
Adam Hawkins
Danny Leake
Michael Cohen
Diana Krall
Mark Mancina
John Rodd
Herb Tassin
Mike Wells
Ed Hamilton
Beau Burchell
David Bock
Eric Talbot
Greg Hayes
Tucker Martine
Paul Reed Smith
The Killers
John Ovnik
Jason Lehning
Mike Roskelly
Jason Keillor
Robert Caranza

Film Music
Steve Kempster
Dennis Sands
Shawn Murphy
Alan Myerson
Joel Iwataki
Bobby Fernadez
Lyle Workman

Studios and Facilities
Library of Congress
BlackBird Studios, Nashville
East West Studios, Los Angeles
Gavin Luresson Mastering
Doug Sax Mastering
Mike Wells Mastering
Disney Hall, LA
Real Songs, LA
ABKCO Records, New York
The Living Room, New York
The Magic Shop, New York
Blue Man Productions New York
Washhouse Studios, Hawaii
Columbia College Chicago
The Bridge, Glendale
Barefoot Recording, Los Angeles
The Great Divide Studios, Aspen
Manifold Recording, North Carolina
Odds On Studios , Las Vegas
Wire Road Studios, Houston
WGBH Boston
Ex'Pression Center, Bay Area
25th St Recording, Oakland
Front Stage, Nashville
Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore
Java Jive Studios, Nashville
Loud Studios, Nashville


ATC Monitors

Please click here for ATC Hi-Fi (Home Audio) speakers and electronics.

The Company Short Story

Over the years there seems to be two ways great loudspeakers are born. Way #1 is a happy accident of experimentation, parts that ""just work" and not even the builder knows why or how. Way #2 is not so easy, an engineer with a new idea, who understands the physics of transducers and the acoustics of sound, trying to make his new idea real with metal, wood wire and plastic. ATC is very much a story about the second way, about one man named Billy Woodman, who spent his young working life as an engineer working side by side with the greatest speaker engineers of his day. Billy would go on to found ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company in England, to try and keep the ideas and the inventions coming when the rest of the industry decided it wanted to cut costs instead.

Today ATC stands alone, hand building one speaker at a time for one person, while the rest of the industry focuses on building thousands of units to supply mega-stores. ATC is still owned by Billy, who comes to work everyday to keep inventing new drivers, new speakers, new ideas. Billy is continuing the legacy, the way he learned, bringing in a young engineering staff to learn by apprenticeship. Long nights in the lab and frustration when a new product doesn't come easily are all part of it when you are building something from the ground up. Working side by side with Billy, the young engineers are carrying the torch onward, continuing the mission to help people do better work with better loudspeakers. So it is not without a sence of quiet satisfaction in a job well done to witness a customer "discover" ATC with the comment  "I hear things on these ATCs I have never heard before!"

With all these apparent positives, why hasn't everyone heard of ATC? Truth is our customers won't tell you about ATC because their ATCs help win work away from you! With ATC you hear every change, every detail. You can hear things lost on other speakers,. You find the flaws and can fix them before the client hears them. Your mixes sound better with less mix time. Your roughs are closer to finals and your finals translate to ALL speaker systems with less mastering. ATC helps you do better work so you will earn more work. And once you own ATC, you won't tell anyone about us either! So get on with it, try them out and see for yourself.

Call TransAudio, ATC's U.S. office, to discuss which ATC's might work for you and how you can hear them. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Makes ATC Different?

If you would like to know more about ATC's unique performance, what makes ATC different from other speaker companies, click HERE. I wrote this to be easy to read and not so technical.

The Science Behind it All

If you would like to know about the in-depth science behind an ATC speaker, then click HERE for Billy's "White Paper"". Fire up the coffee pot and get ready for some intellectual reading!

ATC Speaker Line Overview

ATC makes passives and actives in nearfield, midfield, and farfield formats.
Click here for a comparison sheet of the models.

Does ATC do custom speaker designs or finishes?

We love custom building, so if you need a custom speaker contact us or contact your ATC DEALER to investigate what is possible. Custom finishes, special sizes, larger subs-nearly anything is possible!

Where do I buy ATCs?

We have a small dealer base that represents the best of the best in dealers to represent ATC to the US.  Most dealers have ATC 25s they can arrange for you to try. Larger speaker demos are a bit harder, so there are two ways: ask your dealer for a visit to an active ATC equipped Studio or, discuss having our demo speakers shipped to you for trial in your space. Ask you Dealer for options.

Click HERE to talk to TransAudio Group, the US ATC office, for special questions or inquiries



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