The MA-301fet contains many features of the MA-201fet but adds 2 additional polar patterns, omni and figure-eight, with the same cardioid performance of the MA201fet via a 3-position pattern selector on the body. When cardioid mode is selected, it switches off the back of the 301fet capsule to act just like the MA201fet’s single sided capsule. The 301fet also adds a much asked for 15 dB pad, so important for the louder sources such as metal guitar, drums, higher SPL sources. A switchable bass roll-off, starting at 100Hz at 6dB per octave, is amazingly useful up close to reduce proximity effects, or at distance to reduce the low end mud so common in smaller room recording. It operates using the 48v phantom power from your preamp or console. With a hand-selected 1” dual diaphragm capsule it offers a wider range of applications than the MA201fet for only a few hundred more. A military-grade FET, Jensen transformer, and custom designed low-noise resistors complete a low noise, ultra clean signal path. The MA-301fet includes a hard shell carrying case and shockmount.



  • Multi-pattern via 3-way switch: Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Figure-eight
  • Switchable 15dB pad
  • Switchable Bass Roll-Off  (6dB per octave below 100Hz)
  • Hand-selected 1″ 3-micron capsule
  • USA made Jensen transformer
  • Military-grade FET
  • Custom designed low noise resistors
  • Ultra clean signal path
  • Includes professional shockmount and hard shell case


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Transducer Type: Externally polarized pressure gradient capacitor - double diaphragm
Diaphragm: 1" diameter, gold sputtered
Diaphragm Thickness: 3-micron
Polar Pattern: Omni, Cardioid, Figure-Eight (via 3-position switch)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHZ, +/-3 dB at “flat” setting of bass cut switch. Bass cut switch provides 6 dB per octave attenuation below 100 Hertz in “cut” setting
Sensitivity: -40.5 dB, re. 1V/pa
Maximum SPL 120 dB with pad off, 135 dB with pad on
Distortion: < 1% @ 120 dB SPL , < 3% @ 134 dB SPL with pad off < 1% @ 134 dB SPL, < 3% @ 148 dB SPL with pad on
Self Noise: 14dB nominal, not to exceed 16dB (A weighted)
Pad: 15dB
Bass Cut: 6 dB per octave below 100Hz
Impedance: 550 ohms, transformer balanced (Jensen)
Powering: 48VDC phantom power; current 1.2 mA
Microphone Dimensions: 7 5/8″ X 2″ (194mm x 51mm)
Microphone Weight: 1 lb. (0.45Kg)
Case Dimensions: 10″ x 9″ x 4.5″
Case Weight with Mic & Shockmount: 4 lbs