The MA-300 is a multi-pattern, dual capsule, tube condenser microphone with variable pattern control on the remote power supply. Based on the popular David Royer MA-200 design the MA-300 adds variable pattern selection, 15dB pad, and a switchable bass roll-off. It has a warm, full bodied sound without any shrillness found in many modern condensers. With high quality components and brilliant circuit design the MA-300 offers performance competitive with classic microphones without the significant price tag.


Featuring a pair of hand-selected 1” 3-micron capsules, the MA-300 allows for variable pattern selection on the included remote power supply. It contains a NOS mil-spec JAN 5840 tube and USA made Jensen transformer coupled to an elegant, low noise circuit. The switchable 15dB pad and bass roll-off also make it an excellent candidate for louder or bass heavy content.


The variable polar pattern makes the MA-300 extremely versatile for a variety of applications. The pattern is continuously variable from omnidirectional to cardioid through figure-eight on the included remote power supply. This variable control can be very useful in situations where you may want to vary the cardioid a bit wider for recording larger sources such as an ensemble, choir, or orchestra. It can be narrowed to hyper cardioid too, to target a smaller source within a higher ambient source, say a single vocalist of a group. The rotary variable pattern control can be adjusted while the engineer listens to the mic live to find the best possible sound.


Another unique feature of the MA300 Tube is that when in cardioid mode, the rear side of the capsule is turned off to perform much like a classic 251 microphone. It sounds incredible for vocals! The other pattern settings and high quality low noise circuitry also make it a great choice anywhere you would put a “go-to” large diaphragm tube condenser. This could include vocals, broadcast, acoustic instruments, piano, drum overhead/room, etc.


Each MA-300 microphone, cable, and power supply set is burned in for 24 hours, tested, and evaluated before final packaging. It also includes a shock mount and protective case within a case.



  • Continuously variable polar pattern on remote power supply (omni, cardioid, figure-eight)
  • Switchable 15dB pad
  • Switchable Bass Roll-Off
  • Hand-selected dual diaphragm 1″ 3-micron capsule
  • USA made Jensen transformer
  • Military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tube
  • Internal switchable power supply voltage
  • Ultra clean signal path
  • Includes professional shockmount, remote power supply, cables, hard shell case


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Transducer Type: Externally polarized, pressure gradient capacitor – double diaphragm
Diaphragm: 1-inch diameter, gold sputtered
Diaphragm Thickness: 3-microns
Polar Pattern: Continuously variable from omnidirectional to figure-eight (control on remote power supply)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHZ, +/-3 dB at “flat” setting of bass cut switch. Bass cut switch provides 6 dB per octave attenuation below 100 Hertz in “cut” setting
Sensitivity: -37dB re 1V/pa
Maximum SPL: 120 dB with pad off, 135 dB with pad on
Distortion: < 1% @ 117 dB SPL , < 3% @ 125 dB SPL with pad off, < 1% @ 132 dB SPL, < 3% @ 140 dB SPL with pad on
Self Noise: 14db nominal, not to exceed 16db (A Weighted)
Pad: 15dB
Bass Cut: 6 dB per octave below 100Hz
Microphone Dimensions: 7 5/8" x 2"
Microphone Weight: 1 lb