Exclusive limited edition celebrating 1000 Mastering Limiters sold. 

Only 200 pieces available!


What’s NEW?

  • Limited run front panel with black frame and knobs

  • New capacitive touchscreen with improved contrast and viewing angle

  • Improved audio path for lower noise and better dynamic range (Burr-Brown(TM) OPA1656 in audio path)


An upgraded version of the Mastering Limiter, the Bettermaker Darthlimiter offers a 100% analog signal path, plugin recall and automation within your project, frequency dependent saturation, MS processing, enhanced metering section and a large LED touchscreen minimizing clutter on your main studio screen.


The sound of the limiter comes from the analog signal path, but all the control and user interactions are performed in the digital domain. This allows options and possibilities not found in any standard analog limiter:

  • Save and recall presets
  • Instant reset of all parameters
  • Rapid, precise, and repeatable adjustments
  • Precisely linked stereo operation with the ease of a single control
  • DAW automation
  • Comprehensive metering operations based on high quality A/D conversion and DSP


Main features

Analog Limiter:

– 100% analog signal path
– Intelligent and manual release
– Variable mix between limiting and clipping
– Ability to turn off the clipping section, so you can clip with you favorite AD or other


Color, for giving that special flavor to your mix:

– Two color modules introducing different saturation that can be used simultaneously
– Color 1 with Majority of odd harmonics
– Color 2 with Majority of even harmonics
– Both color sections can be internally EQed so for example you can present more odd harmonics in the low end to give the mix more bite and sweeten the highs with the even harmonics at the top end




The touchscreen metering acts an additional display in your studio. Metering options include:
– Input, output, and reduction
– Analog style meters (VU, PPM, RMS, Peak with peak hold functionality)
– LUFS (Short term, Integral, Loudness Range, view in time)
– K metering
– 30 Band FFT analyzer
– Goniometer
– Correlation meter
– Two points of measurement, the output of the Limiter or the plugin
– and more…


DAW Integration:

The Bettermaker Darthlimiter can communicate with your DAW via USB. The unit appears as a HID device and can be managed via the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter Plugin.


pdf product manual link


Image gallery:

Inputs: XLR (x2)
Outputs: XLR (x2)
Maximum Input Level: +21,5 dBu (balanced)
Maximum Output Level: +23 dBu (THD <0.1%)
Operating Level +4dBu
Maximum Gain Reduction: 20 dB
Makeup Gain: Automatic
Attack Time: 0.1 – 250ms
Release Time: 0.01 – 1.3s + IREL (intelligent release)
Input Impedance (differential): 48kΩ (for balanced signal)
Output Impedance: 50Ω + 50Ω (electronically balanced)
Frequency Response: 5Hz to 30kHz; +/- 0.1dB
Dynamic Range: 107 dB @ +21 dBu, 20 kHz BW
THD+N: <0.03%, +4 dBu, unity gain, 20 kHz BW
CMRR: max 80 dB @ 3 kHz, min 55 dB @ 50Hz, 20 kHz BW
Crosstalk: min -90 dB @ 1KHz, max -57 dB @ 30Hz, +18 dBu, 20 kHz BW
Maximum Power Consumption: 30W (uses 630mA slow blow fuse)
Unit Dimensions: 2U enclosure, 9" deep
Unit Weight: 9.5 lbs / 4.3kg
Boxed Dimensions: 22" x 11.5" x 6.5"