PA65 Live Sound Speaker System

The ATC PA65 live sound speaker system was initially developed from the company’s popular SCM150ASL active studio monitors and have been installed in such high-end London nightclubs as Chinawhite and MO*VIDA. With the live sound market’s growing interest in high-end audio products to significantly improve the sound quality of clubs and a variety of live sound venues, ATC decided to modify their prestigious 150s and offer the PA65s for live sound applications. The reaction is stunning. It’s definitely the future for live sound.

The three-way active PA65 system comprises an ATC Super Linear 15-inch bass driver, a three-inch Soft Dome mid-range driver and a 1.25-inch fabric dome tweeter. ATC three-channel Class A/B amplifiers deliver 200 watts to the low-frequency driver, 100 watts to the mid-range and 50 watts to the tweeter. All amplifier channels feature active momentary gain reduction.

Each three-way active enclosure is capable of generating a maximum SPL of 116dB. Each cabinet offers ±80 degrees of horizontal, coherent dispersion with ±10 degrees in the vertical plane. Crossover frequencies are set at 380Hz and 3.5kHz. The PA65s come with flying hardware. For a demonstration of the PA65s, visit Booth #861 at AES.

ATC hand builds the most accurate professional reference loudspeakers in the world. All drive units are powered by individual amplifiers optimized for the driver’s bandwidth, delivering balanced maximum sound pressure levels, substantial transient headroom with improved driver protection and precision control over speaker diaphragm travel. Even order filtered active crossovers are individually aligned at the factory and phase corrected for superb stereo imaging.