SCM25A Pro

TECNomineeLogo2010“I’ve heard a lot of good speakers over the years… and the ATC SCM25A are as good as I have ever heard.” –Bruce Swedien

“Speakers are the window to my musical world. I require speakers that are not only thrilling to listen to, but that also relate accurately to the world outside of my studio. I have finally found a pair of speakers that are not only fun and exciting to record and mix through, but that also guarantee that what I am hearing in the studio will translate to the real world. I have finally found them: my ATC 25’s. I’m not going anywhere without them.” –Ed Cherney

“ATC: Always The Champion. I will not record without them. The best studio monitors. Period.” – Lenny Kravitz

“I love these monitors and can work faster and more efficiently on them than anything I’ve worked on before. Worth every dollar…and thanks so much!” –Larry Crane, Jackpot! Studios/ editor, Tape Op Magazine

“The ATC’s let me hear things the way I want to, raw, exposed and not hyped. Not in a bad way… but in an HD TV way.. you can see every hair, pore and blemish in your mix.. It’s really a confidence thing.. knowing that there aren’t going to be any surprises when your client listens to their record on their crummy ipod dock or ear buds with all sorts of funky eq shaping… I’ve already heard everything because the ATC’s don’t hide anything. Picture your mix like an eye exam chart… With the ATC’s, you’ll be able to read the bottom line from the other side of the doctor’s office… ” –Beau Burchell

“The SCM25’s are the best near fields ever. They’re super precise and revealing and at the same time totally exciting to listen to.” –Peter Stengaard

“I have tried every powered mid to small monitor out there, and while lot’s of them sound very good, I never felt they pointed me in the right direction… The SMC 25’s are very revealing but at the same time fun to listen to. I can hear detail that I have never hear in other speakers. These speakers make me look forward to coming to the studio every day.”- Paul Hager

“These monitors inspire confidence like no other. I was a ProAc studio 100 user, and I was always doing a little guess work. I’m now able to work faster, fatigue free, and with 100% confidence that my mix will translate perfectly.” –Adam Hawkins

“My ATC SCM25A monitors have been an invaluable aid in tracking and mixing. I experience enhanced, full frequency clarity and imaging, unlike I’ve ever known. Now when the music leaves my room, there’s no discrepancy in other environments, as the material translates superbly. That has been the biggest and most profound advantage since I began using these incredible monitors”. –Lyle Workman

The SCM25A Pro features a 1″ HF driver, 3″ proprietary mid-dome, and 6.5″ proprietary short coil carbon paper woofer. The famous low distortion ATC technology is apparent throughout– including the 4th order critically damped, phase compensated crossover, and passively cooled, FET limited amplifier block. The integrated tri-amplifier provides 150W to the woofer, 60W to the Mid Dome, and 25W to the soft dome tweeter, and has 0 to +6dB bass boost control, as well as a 0 to -6dB input trim. Also provided is a foam port bung to reduce low frequency output in small listening/control rooms. The port bung will give -1.5dB attenuation, centred on 80Hz. Output below 45Hz will increase by approximately 1dB. There is an optional rackmount system, also provided by ATC, when needed for Broadcast and Television applications.

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Drivers: HF 25mm/1" soft dome
MF 75mm/3" ATC proprietary soft dome
LF 164mm/6.5" ATC proprietary short-coil, carbon-paper cone
amplitude linearity: 74Hz - 17Khz (±2dB)
cut-off frequencies: 47Hz - 22kHz (-6dB freestanding)
matched response: ±0.5dB
dispersion: horizontal ±80° coherent
vertical ±10° coherent
max continuous SPL: 109dB (per pair @1m)
crossover frequencies/shape: 380Hz and 3.5kHz, 4th order, critically damped with phase compensation
input connector: rear panel mounted female XLR (pin 2 +)
input sensitivity: 1V rms/ 0dBV/ 1.1dBu (balanced & referenced to full output)
input sensitivity trim: 0 to -6dB (continuously variable)
input impedance: >10k?
amplifier output power: HF 25W rms (8 ? load)
MF 60W rms (16 ? load)
LF 150W rms (8 ? load)
overload/clip protection: FET active momentary gain reduction
bass boost: 0dB to 3dB @40Hz, continuously variable*
cabinet dimensions: 10.4x16.9x16.1" (HxWxD) inc. rear mounted handles
net weight: 30kg/66lbs
mains power requirements: 230/115V 50/60Hz via rear panel switch, 100V 50/60Hz factory set
mains power consumption: 56VA (standby max),
154VA (1/8th power),
375VA (full output)
optional accessories: 19" rack mounting ears
*Serial numbers below 775 have 0db to 6db boost