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Mojave Audio was founded by Technical Grammy Award winning David Royer, widely known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs.  Mojave originally got its start with David as a one-man pro audio shop designing custom vacuum tube condenser mics, preamps, and compressors for engineers in the Los Angeles area.  Since the 90’s, David’s custom Mojave Audio microphones have been used on many wellknown recordings and over time has gained legendary status among LA Studio insiders and professionals.  In 2005 David teamed up with ex LA studio owner Dusty Wakeman and John Jennings (co-founder of Royer) to found Mojave Audio Inc. The new Mojave product line incorporated these earlier well accepted condenser mic designs but built using a whole new hybrid manufacturing model.  The goal was to keep prices well below the competition but deliver a much higher level of quality than the competition.  This approach proved that Mojave Microphones could please the most experienced engineers and those getting their start.  This unique combination of values remains unmatched in the industry 15 years later!      


Mojave Microphones are the “Southern California” sound, built to strict tolerances and specifications and created in the heart of LA Studio country, Burbank, California.   Mojave sources American made Jensen transformers built just down the street, “new old stock” mil-spec Joint Army/Navy Vintage tubes and other very high-end US built and sourced electronic components.   We use hand-selected capsules and bodies from a highly respected factory that David has worked with for over 15 years.  Few companies, and none in Mojave’s price range, use such high-quality components with no sacrifices made in the critical signal path electronics.  After assembly, every microphone is inspected and tested in Burbank for the kind of quality control you expect on a $5,000 microphone.  Each microphone is burned in for 24 hours and tested thoroughly for noise and dynamics.  Before any microphone is boxed, it is individually listened to by David Royer himself, assuring each customer that every single microphone does what it says it supposed to do and exceeds David’s personal standards for sonic performance.  It is a time intensive process with a lot of steps but is absolutely critical in meeting the Mojave Standard for quality.     


This combination of high-quality components, unique manufacturing process, and intense QC allows Mojave Audio to offer microphones that offer performance that rivals or exceeds that of classic vintage and new microphones that cost several times more. 




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