Las Vegas Pro Audio

Las Vegas Pro Audio provides clients with a long-term partnership that delivers timely, accurate information and offers professional user pricing on extremely high-end equipment direct from the manufacturer. Providing a much needed conduit between between extremely busy pro audio professionals and boutique high-end manufacturers, we offer select imported lines available exclusively in the US through distibutor TransAudio Group.

We work with you, the manufacturers and a very special group of dealers to get you the very best service before and after the sale. Our focus is on long term relationships, not a quick "deal." We have built an impressive reputation in the industry for high integrity, honest answers and a commitment to work with the best...and be the best.

Instead of having hundreds of lines and trying to be everything to everybody, we focus on a small number of high end products. This gives us the time to develop a high degree of knowledge about our products, their technology, their strengths, and their possible shortcomings. Our relationships with dealers and with professional users helps us to be on top of trends and understand the "real world" uses of our products. All this lets us give all our customers service that is far beyond what they have come to expect.

Don't worry, we take care of all the details that make the products you will find here a reliable investment. We never sell "grey market" goods or offer products without the manufacturer's agreement and consent. We sell exclusively to the US market. We can then warranty it, provide US warranty and non-warranty service and provide over the phone tech support for your ongoing needs.