CU-29 Copperhead

CU-29 Copperhead


Developed around the stellar NOS (New Old Stock) GE JAN 5654W vacuum tube, the CU-29 Copperhead is an original design created to provide a versatile and sonically balanced tube microphone. Coupled with a Lundahl LL1935 output transformer, the CU-29 is a large diaphragm fixed cardioid workhorse with a response accurately recreating practically any sound source with supreme fidelity.  Hand built in their Connecticut facility, the CU-29 is manufactured and tested to TELEFUNKEN’s strict standards for both quality and consistency.


The CU-29 Copperhead was developed from the ground up in the South Windsor, Connecticut facility by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s in-house design team, along with the aid of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and respected consultants.  The amplifier circuit features a NOS 5654W military spec tube, selected for its low noise and low microphonics.  A wide array of output transformers was experimented with before selecting the Lundahl LL1935 to compliment the circuit providing the most open and sonically pleasing response.


The CU-29 features a single membrane 1” center-terminated capsule making it a unique and welcome addition to the TELEFUNKEN family.  The CU-29 Copperhead is particularly well suited for vocals, both male and female.   The user is able to increase the bass response in the microphone with distance to the source, via proximity effect, to deliver that larger than life “big” vocal sound so many seek.  A more natural sound can be easily achieved by moving the mic further away from the source.  With distance, the mic is appropriate for a broad range of instrument sources.  Up close, it is suitable for VO work as well as “warming up” voices that may sound thin on many other dual capsule microphones.  Avoiding the overly bright sound of many mics in this price range, the CU-29 Copperhead will capture any source and make it stand out.


The CU-29 Copperhead utilizes standardized metalwork to reduce production costs while retaining high quality electronics. Capsules are individually tested in our anechoic chamber for proper frequency response, and vacuum tubes are burned in for 48 hours and tested for noise and gain prior to installation. The circuit board features wide gold-plated ENIG traces and through hole components. The microphone is entirely hand assembled in our Connecticut facility, finished in antique brushed copper plating and a black powder coated body with a copper plated Telefunken diamond logo.


As an excellent choice to accurately capture a range of sources, the CU-29 is also available in matched stereo pairs.  Drum kits, vocal ensembles, acoustic instruments, and more come through with impressive detail and spacious stereo imaging.


Each CU-29 microphone system comes complete with:

M 900 Power supply

M 800 25’ Tube microphone cable

M 700 Elastic shockmount

Wooden microphone box


Available configurations:

CU-29 – Standard configuration

CU-29 HC – Includes a TELEFUNKEN hard shell flight case

CU-29 Stereo Set – Matched stereo pair, premium dual power supplyvintage style flight case

Type Pressure Gradient Condenser
Capsule TK67S - 25.4 mm Center Terminated Diaphragm
Tube GE JAN 5654W (NOS)
Transformer Lundahl LL1935
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ± 2 dB
Sensitivity 19.5 mV/Pa ± 1 dB
THD at 1kHZ at 1Pa (Amplifier) < 0.3%
Output Impedance 200 ?
Maximum SPL (for 1% THD) 130 dB
S/N Ratio 87 dBA
Self Noise (Amplifier) 7 dBA
Dimensions 200 mm L x 46 mm Dia
Weight 640 g
Current Draw from Mains 50 mA
Power Supply M 900 - 7 Pin Female XLR Input, 3 Pin Male XLR Output
Cable M 800 - 25 ft Cable, 7 Pin Male & Female XLR's
Wooden Box WB00
Flight Case HC00 - Hard Shell Protective Case (not included), FC10S for Stereo Set