Studio Sub 12 Subwoofer


The SUBWOOFER PROS Studio Sub 12 is a self-powered high end subwoofer system employing bass management, hi pass filtered outputs, and a sealed box front firing 12” high excursion cone low frequency driver.  The use of the INFRA™ technology (developed by Bag End) mated to a built in 500 Watt US built power amplifier provides flat acoustical response down to 8 hertz.   Maximum half space output level at 40Hz from a single Studio Sub 12 is approximately 105dB.  Flexible input methods are available including a dedicated LFE input, a six input panel for 5.1 surround programs to either sum all the inputs to a single sub output or to have channel dedicated subwoofers.  Five High Pass line level filtered outputs are provided for all 5 surround monitors via built in bass management.  A line level Infra™ output is provided for adding matching “slave” subs for increased SPL output or improved room behavior.  A unique Dynamic Filter™ protection system maintains undistorted bass despite the input level, without using compression.

Studio Sub rear panel

The Studio Subs behave differently than most subwoofers in this way: Conventional subwoofer designs have used methods that sacrifice the phase response for more control over the frequency response (e.g.: steep low pass filter slopes, vented speaker enclosures, and narrow bandwidth systems). With the Infra™ technique, we do not degrade the phase response while extending the frequency responseWhile the Infra™ dual Integrator does function as the system crossover, it does so without using a conventional low pass filter. The Infra™ integrator applies an inverse electrical response to the acoustical response of the Infra™ loudspeaker in its sealed enclosure. This provides the extended frequency response while maintaining the hi sound quality often associated with a sealed box design. This design approach requires the most amplifier power to be used at the lowest frequency, thus we implement the Dynamic Filter™ technology to protect the system from the bottom up, affecting the lowest frequency first and leaving the middle and upper bass unaffected.

Enclosure 3/4” MDF
Finish Black Ro Tex™ True water born environmental finish
Grille Black perforated steel grille
Low Frequency compponent EL-12P Long Throw Transducer, 12” Cone, USA Made
Bass Managed inputs Five High Pass XLRF, 10K Ohms, -6dB at 95Hz with Gain Control
Bass Managed Outputs Five Low Pass XLRM, 10K Ohms, -6dB at 95 Hz
LFE Input Film High Pass input XLRF with Gain Control
Input Impedance 10K Ohms
Input CAL Sensitivity +4 dBu
Maximum Continuous Amplifier Power 500 W into 4 Ohms, Class D
High Pass Filter 5 – High pass outputs
Crossover Slope 12 dB/octave -6 dB at 95 Hz
Overload Protection Internal Dynamic Filter™ protection
LED Indicator Red = Threshold exceeded
Mains Voltage Requirements 120 v or 230 v internally switchable
Mains Current Requirements Fuse: 6.3 Amp GDC time-lag for 120 Volts, 3.15 Amp GDC time-lag for 230 Volts
Frequency Response ±3 dB 8 Hz to 95 Hz Infra™ system, -6 dB frequency 95 Hz
Low Frequency Limit 8 Hz or 2Hz with switch
Polarity A positive asymmetrical signal applied to pin 2 will result in a positive asymmetrical acoustical pressure
Dimensions 15.5”h x 18”w x 16”d (39 cm x 46 cm x 41 cm)
Weight 47 lbs (22 kg)