This is for large diaphragm side address mics.

A very clever mounting system makes this little guy really work in the studio. It uses an 8 and 1/2 inch long by 1 and 1/2 inch wide clear rubber strap that conforms to any shape, such as a tubular large body condenser mic (like a 47 or 251). As long as the circumference of the mic body is between 8 and 1/2 inches and 3 and 1/2 inches, it will fit.

I like this system better than any other I have seen because it doesn’t care about the shape it wraps around, doesn’t leave marks or scratches and can even be “woven” inside shock mounts to fit weird mics.

The mounting system holds the Superscreen about 2 and 1/4 inches from the mic body, the perfect position that enables talent to get real close to the mic for that intimate sound.

The Pauly Superscreen is 4 ¾” in diameter by 3/8″deep. The finish is non-reflective texture coated medium grey. It screws on to the available

mounts with included hardware. The fabric is special material exclusive to Pauly and will last a lifetime if take care of. DO NOT allow food or spit to accumulate on the screen.

The screen can be cleaned with a very mild soap (such a dishwashing soap) and water. Do not use chemicals or scrub the screen with abrasive.

*For both large and small diaphragm mounts, ask for the PR120-03