Daking EQ500 Equalizer

vpr_alliance_logoThe Famous Daking inductor based Parametric Equalizer now designed for the 500 series format.

Based on the renowned EQ section of the Daking Mic Pre EQ, its four bands have all the frequencies that a mixing or tracking engineer will typically find to be his or her “go to” frequencies. Each band has an “out” position, rather than relying on center detent pots, which are typically less accurate than a simple bypass. It has discrete circuitry, Class A amplifiers, and ThatCorp balanced inputs and outputs, giving you the richness of classic console sound and the dependability and low noise only modern technology and production techniques can provide. Aluminum knobs give you easy adjustments to EQ and output functions.

Easy to use, and famously “sweet” sounding, the Daking EQ500 is the perfect addition to your 500 series rack.

Daking EQ500 4-band EQ Features:

• ThatCorp balanced inputs and output
• Discrete transistor circuitry
• 4-band EQ with hard bypass
• Continuously variable boost and cut: ±16dB
• High and Low Bands Shelving
• Mid Bands “Inductor Based Peaking”
• All bands have proportional Q (at minimal boost or cut, the Q is very wide and the Q narrows as the boost/cut is increased).
• Stepped frequencies:
• High Shelving 8k-10k-12k-15k-20kHz
• Upper Mids Peaking 1.5k-3k-5k-7k-9kHz
• Lower Mids Peaking 125-250-500-1K-2kHz
• Low Shelving 30-50-80-100-150 Hz
• Aluminum knobs

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