The SCM200ASL Pro is a 3-way active main studio monitor capable of continuous SPLs up to 118dB/1m.

The HF, mid and twin 314mm Super Linear bass drivers are driven by a separate 850W per channel amplifier block.


Max Continuous SPL: 118dB
ATC Tri-Power: 2@275W/1@200W/1@100W per speaker
ATC dual outboard P4 Power amps
Crossovers: 380Hz, 3.5kHz; 4th order; active, in amps
Low: Dual 12" ATC custom built SL driver
Mid: Single 3" ATC custom SL dome, wave guide loaded
Hi: Single 1.3" dome tweeter, wave guide loaded
Soffit Mount
Cabinet: Wood/ Black Ash
Actual H/W/D in inches: 32.7/28.7/17.3
Actual Weight: 225lbs
Shipping Weight: 256lbs in crate
Shipping Dims: 38"x33"x23"