The Sound of Silence

AirHush’s Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology, or ISAT, is one of the most significant innovations in sound control of the last twenty years. This revolutionary product is lightweight, transparent, modular and infinitely re-configurable. Made in panels that reduce SPL and create isolation in temporary or permanent locations anywhere, at roughly four square-feet per panel with sturdy metal frames that hold graphics or lighting.

AirHush ISAT panels lock together easily to form any size enclosure, wall or barrier. ISAT opens up an entirely new universe of possibilities to the pro audio industry, creating spaces for testing, demo, monitoring or manufacturing by reducing SPL virtually anywhere, with no need for professional installation. AirHush panels also reduce freight cost tremendously as three deflated panels ship in the space of one inflated on-site panel.

Traditional solutions use mass to block or contain sound. As such they are often expensive, invasive to implement and permanent. ISAT systems are lightweight and ship deflated. Lead sheets and other heavy sound attenuating materials are replaced by pressurized air and modern sound attenuation materials. Therefore shipping and implementation costs, as well as the carbon footprint, are significantly less than those of traditional sound control solutions.

Traditional solutions are site-specific and designed for one-off implementations; when end-user requirements change they end up in land fill. ISAT systems are easily reconfigured. Panels are repurposable and can be implemented in permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installations. End-users can redeploy and reuse system elements; combined with a lower shipping carbon footprint, this is a significant Clean Tech innovation.

Traditional solutions are often an afterthought in an overall new build or major renovation. As such, they are often value-engineered out of final designs. They also lack aesthetic value, or are buried in walls and block light. ISAT systems are flexible and good looking by design. Panels can be deployed at any stage in a project life cycle. Transparent, they allow for natural light flow, but can also be clad with skins of any color and/or texture. They are designed and built to complement any modern interior.

ISAT is the patented result of a decade of research and development into innovative ways to solve sound control problems and can be configured anyway you want into permanent, semi-permanent and temporary installations

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