Bass Ace Steve Bailey Stocks Up with A Designs

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — Pioneering jazz bassist, clinician, author and educator Steve Bailey is the latest artist to incorporate A-Designs’ gear into his brimming arsenal of studio equipment and myriad musical projects. Bailey recently tapped a pair of A-Designs’ EM-PEQ equalizer modules and a REDDI tube D.I. unit, as well as two P-1s, an EM-Blue, EM-Red, and 500HR rack for his newest Bass Extremes recordings with fellow bass phenom and long-time collaborator Victor Wooten (plus drummer Deriko Watson), in addition to the duo’s “Power Hour” podcast/talk show (

With his initial purchase of a pair of A-Designs Pacifica P-1s and a couple of EM-Blue and EM-Silvers, Bailey, in turn, added the EM-PEQs and found they were a must-have addition to the newly-built studio – and his signature sound.

“The P-1s are in my ‘go-to’ list,” he says. “They sound great on everything, particularly overheads, and vocals… at least for me. I just ordered another set of P-1s for a small mobile recording rig that I am putting together. The EM-Blue and EM-Silver are also great in many contexts, but I particularly like the Blue on snare and the Silver with my bass. They are all great ingredients in my sonic ‘recipe’. Recently, [A-Designs Audio’s] Peter Montessi sent the EM-PEQ for me to check out, and the end result was that I had to have another. I love the subtleties of that old Pultec sound!”

Bailey says he’s been digging “going out of the box to the EM-PEQs for some subtle coloring on bass, vocals, and even as a last stop in the mix-bus.” And he reports that the EM-PEQ has now found a permanent home on his console.

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