AUR at the Village Recorder

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 2009: The Audio Underground Roadshow (AUR) followed up its inaugural event in Sacramento, California with a very well attended second roadshow at The Village Recorder in West Los Angeles at the end of August. Audio aficionados from the Los Angeles area congregated in the venerable recording facility’s historic Studio D for a pre-AES Convention sneak peak at new products from some of the industry’s top boutique manufacturers. The purpose of these roadshows is to give end users a chance to talk to engineers and manufacturers and learn on a one-to-one basis the intrinsic values of the gear being shown.

The line-up of equipment designers assembled at The Village to answer questions and offer insight into the evolution and use of their products included A Designs’ Peter Montessi, a longtime L.A. studio musician and pro audio developer; Ben Lilly of ATC Loudspeakers, a high-end U.K.-based monitor manufacturer; Bock Audio’s David Bock, one of the brightest minds in handmade microphones; Geoff Daking of Geoffrey Daking & Co., former drummer with the Blues Magoos and an engineer and pro audio designer extraordinaire; Chris Estes of Endless Analog, a company that offers a seamless bridge between tape machines and DAWs; and Jesper B. Nielsen of Tube-Tech, the legendary manufacturer of all-tube recording equipment from Denmark.

The event was co-sponsored by TapeOp Magazine and