Pauly Superscreen

Ever discover great delight in finding one of those little audio toys that no one seems to know about, is actually affordable, yet works like a million bucks? Something that pays for itself a hundred times over in saved time and effort? Well I've got something just for you, from a little one man shop hidden away in the German countryside.

On the airplane ride home from Munich, I was thinking about this little screen - the coolest thing at the show! This thing is no ordinary screen, this deserves some kind of special name. "Superscreen" would be fitting. I wonder if I should put my TransAudio brand on it or help Mr. Pauly? No, help Mr. Pauly. So I asked Mr. Pauly by email if we could call it the Pauly Superscreen. "Yes, this is acceptable, if this is what you want." Well hell yes, it deserves his name!