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"Though not super abundant in the low-end the SCM-25A produced an exact and very tight image of bass pulses and bass lines. Extremely important when producing low frequency dependent club music."
“ATC monitors were a common request from our clients,” said Tina Morris, studio manager at The Village. “ATC has a ruthlessly transparent sound that doesn’t color the work at all.
"They encourage me to work in a way that I like, and I'm very happy to be supporting ATC - a British company that
works hard to make good speakers." Matt Colton


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Join us at booth 3132 in New York City at the 135th AES Convention
The 133rd AES Convention is in San Francisco, October 27th-29th 2012
Potluck Audio Conference, Tucson, AZ, August 3-4 2012
The Audio Underground Roadshow hits NYC 2/25

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Drawmer introduces DClock-R



Las Vegas, NV - November, 2012 - TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of Drawmer professional signal processing products, announces that the Drawmer D-Clock-R Dual Redundant Word Clock Distribution Amplifier is now shipping. Intended for studio recording, live and broadcast applications, the D-Clock-R expands on Drawmer's D-Clock, adding failsafe dual redundancy for both the auto-sensing clock inputs and the power supplies to the renowned word clock measurement and distribution system.

The Drawmer D-Clock-R is designed for any application that requires external clocking of multiple synchronized digital audio devices and provides auto-sensing, dual redundant word clock inputs to ensure continuous operation and dependability. The D-Clock-R automatically selects the input source from one of two inputs, a default and an auxiliary, depending on signal strength, and is capable of locking on to both word clock and AES-3id. The unit offers a total of 16 BNC clock output connectors: 12 on the rear panel plus an additional four located on the front panel to enable fast-access patching to other digital devices.

Dual redundant power supplies with twin universal voltage filtered mains power inlets positioned on the rear panel further ensure reliability and failsafe operation.

The front panel 16-character LCD readout displays the incoming clock sample rate to an accuracy of 2 ppm, displaying the information in one of three formats: actual frequency (to one decimal place), nominal frequency +/- ppm error, or nominal frequency plus percentage of pull-up or pull-down. The word clock outputs may be fed from the word clock input at any sample rate from 32 kHz to 768 kHz, or derived from an AES11 input, or stripped from an AES3 audio signal at any sample rate between 32 kHz and 192 kHz.

MSRP for the DrawmerD-Clock-R Dual Redundant Word Clock Distribution Amplifier is $1,195.