Chameleon Labs is a new type of company, focused on delivering performance and value at a price previously thought impossible. How do they do it? By reinventing how global manufacturing is approached. Chameleon Labs engineers are not inexperienced kids in a garage, buying product designed and built in China. Chameleon Labs is a group of highly experienced pro audio professionals with extensive experience in high end gear for many decades. Chameleon Labs, from its start seven years ago, pioneered the idea of "blended technology", using the best parts from the US, UK and Europe but using low cost metal work and assembly from China. This enables a performance level at a price never seen before!
Every Chameleon Labs product is created and engineered here in the U.S.  first to achieve a specific sonic result with testing in major U.S. recording studios, listening to tracks and mixes with a very specific sonic target in mind. Chameleon Labs must impress the best and brightest of our evaluation group before a design ever reaches the factory floor. This is the reason that Chameleon Labs products outperform, not by a little, but by a lot. We bring a level of performance to a price that was previously impossible.

The 7602 MKII microphone preamp and EQ possesses a comprehensive feature set, fantastic sound, selectable mic impedance, high-pass filtering, three bands of EQ, direct-in, optional Carnhill input and output transformers, and the usually array of phase reversal, phantom power, etc. The 7720 stereo compressor delivers the sound and performance of classic 1990s buss compressor technology. The highly regarded TS-1 small diaphragm tube mic captures input sources with the musicality and truthfulness of microphones several times it's price.