Sonodyne Audio EquipmentSonodyne is perhaps the most important audio manufacturer in India.

Sonodyne Electronics began in the late 60s when founding father Mr Ashoke Mukherjee graduated college with a degree in electronics. He immediately started a small electronics operation in Kolkata (Calcutta) called “Sonodyne Electronics”. In the 70s Sonodyne became one of the leading domestic hi fi manufacturers (it was the advent of stereo) and opened the country’s very first research lab dedicated to audio. In the 80s Sonodyne opened an export division in Mumbai (Bombay) that would take on engineering and research projects for OEM customers.

Today Sonodyne’s market strength is built around research, with over 40 engineers on staff and research labs in both Mumbai and Kolkata. Sonodyne’s domestic business spans all audio vertical markets, from broadcast to MI, recording studios to hi end home hi fi, commercial audio to large scale PA. Their export business is focused on compact studio monitors and OEM. Still owned and operated by the Mukherjee family, our contact is the son of the founder, Anindya Mukherjee. TransAudio is pleased to have launched Sonodyne in the US, bringing them to their very first US exhibition at NAMM 2011.


What makes Sonodyne so different from other monitor manufacturers is their unique experience in three areas: power amplifiers, integration of electronics and acoustics and die cast cabinet technology.

Sonodyne Power Amplifiers: Perception of monitor performance is often as much about the amps inside the speaker as the drive units. Sonodyne has gone “all out” to provide far more amplifier than is typically found inside small monitors. You’ won’t find tiny “digital amplifier” cards with zero headroom here as Sonodyne has included classic big power supply, high headroom class A/B amplifiers. Sonodyne amplifiers clip smoothly, play louder and exhibit fewer artifacts than digital amps.

Integration of electronics with acoustics: This skill is driven by Sonodyne’s extensive home market hi-fi experience and a wide variety of active pro products for their home market. Lift a Sonodyne and you’ll feel the difference immediately-this is one powerful, well built speaker! XLR inputs are correctly oriented vertically, dip switches to control ¼, ½ and full space applications as well as +/- 6dB input sensitivity settings. Past experience and a focus on quality is evident throughout.

Die Cast Capabilities: Sonodyne 50 and 100 enclosures are aluminum die cast, built in house. Die casting offers a huge performance advantage for smaller monitors for it provides maximum internal volume compared to thick sections of wood, a tighter seal and more rigid structure compared to wood, has fewer resonances and less ringing found in wood or folded metal structures and offers longer life and durability as small speakers tend to be moved about frequently.

The two Sonodyne models will be offered initially. The SM50AK is a 5.25″ Kevlar woofer two way with 45 watt amps on both woofer and tweeter for a US list price of $1050pr. The SM100AK is a 6.5″ two way, with 80watt amp on a kevlar woofer and a 40 watt amp on the tweeter with a list of $1400pr. Both units have been tested in the US by friends of TransAudio and have received high marks for their overall tonal balance, sonic footprint, image and detail and their ability to translate to other systems. The Sonodyne 100 has received great reviews in the UK by Future Music (choosing it as its Platinum Award winner and its Value Award winner) an Audio Media UK. Expect reviews in the US into the late summer and fall.”


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