SCM150ASLSCM150ASL 3 way midfield monitor

The SCM150ASL Pro is a further development of the SCM100ASL Pro, substituting a larger 375mm Super Linear bass driver, and increasing the enclosure size to 150 litres. The result is extended bass, greater headroom, and even more dynamic range.

"OK, so after 6 months of ownership, I'm happy to report that I love my ATC's. They're one of the best mix tools I have. They're not my only speakers but they could be if need be, and I'm constantly impressed by the detail and the way they translate.

They make the big stuff bang and they make the small stuff easy to pick out. During the mix for Shania's new single, she was requesting minute tweaks that we could have easily missed on other speakers- they were obvious on the ATC's.

I've spent years trying all sorts of gear in what will probably be a never-ending quest to improve the quality of my work. After living with these ATC SCM150Pro monitors, I've stopped looking for better speakers."

F. Reid Shippen








  • Max Continuous SPL: 117dB
  • ATC Tri-Power: 1@200W/1@100W/1@50W per speaker
  • ATC custom built internal amplifiers
  • Crossovers: 380Hz, 3.5kHz; 4th order; active, internal
  • Low: Single 15" ATC custom built SL driver
  • Mid: Single 3" ATC custom SL dome, wave guide loaded
  • Hi: Single 1" dome tweeter, wave guide loaded
  • Tweeter movable for horizontal mounting
  • Wood/Black Ash cabinet
  • Actual H/W/D in inches: 34.8/19.6/25.5
  • Actual Weight: 165lbs
  • Shipping Weight 225lbs in crate
  • Shipping dims: 40"x28"x33"

    For more information, download the manual